Knitted Squares


I am continuing to knit my squares for my patchwork blanket. I have done one just knitting. I’ve done a couple which are knit one row and purl one row and also done one which is knit one, purl one. I have discovered on the demores website lots of instructions for various stitches so I’m going to try a couple out – use my squares to teach myself new techniques


The Tunic Is Complete

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Yes… heard me right…..the tunic is now complete. What I thought would be an easy project turned out to be anything but and needless to say the end result didn’t impress me.

The fabric was awful to work with – it kept fraying, fraid ends were getting caught in the sewing machine, material kept sliding and subsequently sewn to parts they shouldn’t have been sewn to. Just a right chew on really. The neck line with the tie was so fiddly to complete I almost gave it up as a bad job. But I’m a stubborn girl so carried on regardless. Like always I’ll always post pictures of my creations – good or bad – so here you go 🙂

Simply Knitting

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Browsing around in the supermarket I spotted the Simply Knitting magazine. Now I’ve bought quite a few of the Simply Crochet issues, really enjoy them and I think I’ve made something from each issue I’ve bought. So I thought I’d give the knitting one a bash, after all there was some free 10mm needles on the front. The problem with having a gift on the front is you can’t browse the mag to see what’s inside – and the fact is there was bott all inside, well nothing I’d wanna make anyway!!! So that was a waste of £4.99!!! Suppose I got the free needles – technically they cost me £4.99 and the mag was free cause I doubt if I’ll use it.

On a better note I have completed my first square for my blanket. Was bigger than i anticipated and I ran out of white wool so i finished it off with a red stripe – don’t think it’ll matter too much as its gonna be a patchwork blanket 😀

A patchwork blanket of the knitted variety

knitting, patchwork

Not sure if anyone out there has seen the DFS advert with that gorgeous patchwork sofa. Well I’m in love with that sofa and so very much want it for my dining room. But alas, even in the sale, its out of my price bracket. So I have decided to knit myself a patchwork blanket/throw for a cheaper sofa in the hope it’ll make it a bit more quirky.

Now I’m not the best of knitters, my knowledge and skill are pretty basic. So my first square is pretty much the most basic of all – think its called garter stich – anyway its knit, knit, knit.

I will be watching plenty of YouTube videos in the coming weeks to expand my skills.

My first square has been started and here’s how it looks 🙂

A homemade envelope for a homemade card

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After successfully making my first homemade card it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t have an envelope. Hello google :). I googled how to make an envelope and the selection was mind blowing. After folding endless pieces of paper in varying sizes and ending up with no envelopes the right size I decided to just make my own version by just folding the corners of a square piece of paper into the centre, overlapping slightly so I could glue in place. I was quite pleased with the results and think I’ll be experiment with different paper sizes in the future.

Chihuahua is finally finished

Amigurumi, chihuahua, crochet, dog

After days of crochet (even though it was just 30 minutes some days) the cute little Chihuahua is finally finished. Although it was a little bit fiddly at times (I hate sewing legs on) overall he was generally quite easy to make. So complete with basket, blanket, bone and heart, and not forgetting his cute little party hat here he is for you all to oooo and arrrrrrr over. The pattern is from February 2015 issue of Craftseller.

Pokemon T-Shirt Disaster

pokemon, printing, t-shirt

The other day whilst sorting out my spare room I came across some T-Shirt transfer paper.  Result I thought I can knock up my son pokemon t-shirts for next to nothing now.  So I took it upon myself to sort out his clothes and found a few t-shirt he didn’t like but still fit.  Right then – unwanted T-Shirt + T-shirt transfer paper = a new pokemon T-shirt.

Today I found a picture, printed it off and ironed it on.  What a disaster – I think a plain white or pale coloured t-shirt would have been a better option.  The colour in the transfer changes with each stripe and the colours don’t look quite as vivid as I’d hoped as I think the initial colour of the t-shirt is too dark.

A picture of the finished result and I’m sure you will understand where I’m coming from


Well they say you learn by your mistakes and I definitely think I’ve done that today – next time I will use a plain white T-Shirt 😀

Chihuahua Update


Not a lot to blog about today.  Still plodding on with Chihuahua – an hour each day doesn’t really get a lot done.  Only got 3 more legs and a tail to do and then I’ll make him his little hat, dog basket and blanket.  Hopefully I’ll have him sorted by the time the weekends up.