Happy New Year – Happy New Blog!!

crochet, drawing, patchwork

This time last year I made a few New Year’s Resolutions – well not exactly resolutions more like goals I wanted to achieve.

1.  To learn to draw (or create something that didn’t look like a 4 year old had done it!!).  After working my way through my son’s Learn to Draw Book I’ve progressed from drawing a toilet roll tube to this – Job Done I think.


2.  To create something patchwork – unfortunately no picture for this one but I created a fairly respectable cushion cover.

3.  To make a crocheted object.  When I was younger my mum taught me how to do the basic crochet stitches – no easy feat considering she’s right handed and I’m a leftie.  I saw this cute little fellow on the front of a magazine and had to give it a go.  With a lot of help from YouTube I managed to extend my crochet skills and create the gorgeous Lambikins.WP_000977

This year I would like to create something a little bigger in patchwork and I fancy giving card making a go.  Really I just want to expand my crafting skills and give a few things a go.

Creating a blog was also on my list of things to do in 2015, so here it is.

Any other lefties out there who have any hints and tips to make my craft journey any easier feel free to share.


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