Amigurumi, crochet, dachshund

Following the success of Lambikins a work colleague asked if I could make her a cute dachshund as she had just bought two dachsund puppies.  After trawling the internet I came across a free pattern which I adjusted slightly to come up with dachshund number 1.


My work friend was over the moon – he was identical to one of her new puppies and I earned myself a nice little £5 in the process.

As she had two puppies she requested an additional soft toy to look like her second puppy – and so dachshund number 2 was born.


Pattern for dachshund in PDF format.


2 thoughts on “Dachshunds

  1. Hi Chouxsy. I’m a bit new to this so I have added a link for the file, so hopefully you’ll be able to get the pattern. For the all tan dog I didn’t change the pattern at all and for the black and brown one all I did was do a few rounds in brown on the head, paws and tail before changing to black for the rest of the pattern. Hope it works.


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