Amigurumi, crochet

My aim is to try and write something on my blog every day of 2015 – not sure how this is gonna pan out which work life, social life and holidays but I’ll give it my best shot.  I’m gonna try and keep things as short and sweet as possible so no-one gets bored reading.

While I muster up the courage to tackle my first attempt at card-making I’m going to carry on taking you through my 2014 craft journey.

The other big thing in my son’s life, apart from Pokemon, is Minecraft.  He nagged and nagged for me to make him a Minecraft character so here’s the finished Enderman (think that’s what he’s called).  It was a bit different to how I’m used to working in rounds as I was working in squares rather than circles but it turned out quite well I thought.

He also loves Skylanders so it’s only a matter of time before I’m asked to crochet Spyro or Cynder – I’ll keep you posted



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