A moment of creative inspiration

card making, crochet

As I was sat watching tv last night a felt the urge to get the crochet hook out and create – I often do this now as I feel it doesn’t feel right if I’m not crafting something.

A few days ago I bought Simply Crochet magazine which had a little free gift on the front to make two love heart badges for Valentines Day.

Bingo – I’d found a little project that wasn’t going to take an age to complete.

When my heart was complete I didn’t really want to put True or Love on the front as suggested in the pattern so instead I sewed Mum onto it as I thought I might attach it to my bag.

This morning as I pottered around doing the housework I had a magical light bulb moment and decided that I would make another heart with Dad on it and then use these two hearts as embelishments for an anniversary card for my mum and dad who are celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary in March – if it doesn’t look as expected it give me plenty of time to buy another card :D.

Here’s the finished heart and I’ll post a picture of the card (however good or bad) which I managed to make it.



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