Simply Knitting

knitting, patchwork

Browsing around in the supermarket I spotted the Simply Knitting magazine. Now I’ve bought quite a few of the Simply Crochet issues, really enjoy them and I think I’ve made something from each issue I’ve bought. So I thought I’d give the knitting one a bash, after all there was some free 10mm needles on the front. The problem with having a gift on the front is you can’t browse the mag to see what’s inside – and the fact is there was bott all inside, well nothing I’d wanna make anyway!!! So that was a waste of £4.99!!! Suppose I got the free needles – technically they cost me £4.99 and the mag was free cause I doubt if I’ll use it.

On a better note I have completed my first square for my blanket. Was bigger than i anticipated and I ran out of white wool so i finished it off with a red stripe – don’t think it’ll matter too much as its gonna be a patchwork blanket 😀

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