The Tunic Is Complete

dress-making, Sewing

Yes… heard me right…..the tunic is now complete. What I thought would be an easy project turned out to be anything but and needless to say the end result didn’t impress me.

The fabric was awful to work with – it kept fraying, fraid ends were getting caught in the sewing machine, material kept sliding and subsequently sewn to parts they shouldn’t have been sewn to. Just a right chew on really. The neck line with the tie was so fiddly to complete I almost gave it up as a bad job. But I’m a stubborn girl so carried on regardless. Like always I’ll always post pictures of my creations – good or bad – so here you go 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Tunic Is Complete

  1. It looks nice – but I can see why you’d be disappointed with it 😦 – this happens to me so often – I start what I think will be easy and then it just becomes a hideous nightmare! You get so frustrated but you carry on regardless as you mush finish what you started – so glad I’m not alone – so I love this post for that 🙂

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    1. I’m not the most experience sewer to be honest so I maybe should’ve chosen something with fewer (and bigger) pattern pieces – but you live and learn and it’s all about the experience and learning for your mistakes x


  2. I’m a complete novice – so I wouldn’t even attempt this – so I think that everyone who can make something that resembles clothes is amazing! I do a lot of learning from my mistakes haha – I did make the worlds simplest skirt for myself the other day and its got loads of mistakes on it – but I think its the fact that you made it yourself that makes it special now matter how it turns out – well done you 🙂 I sooo hope I’m good enough to attempt clothes soon 🙂 I really am at the very very very beginning 🙂

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