Work on the Elusive Tunic has finally started

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Yes, you heard it here first.  I have finally made a start on the tunic that was planned for last year but got side-tracked due to my son’s pokemon obsession.

This was as far as I’d gotten last time and this is how it has stayed for the last 5 months (at least!!!)


Today, having a day off work, I took the bull by the horns and was determined to make some progress.  And this my friends is the progress I made.


Now I can either leave the pieces like this for another 5 months (hopefully not) or I can continue to make further progress at the weekend and keep you guys posted.

Sorry No Craft Pictures Today but here’s Jack instead

black labrador, dog, pet

Sorry to say I’ve got no craft pictures to show you today I’m afraid.

It’s really hard to blog every day, like I set myself a goal to do, when you’ve got no crafting to comment on.

Been at work all day and I am continuing with my little Chihuahua.

Really need to get moving again on the elusive tunic and want to make a start on the patchwork quilt that I resolved to make at New Year.  I think I’ll have a bit of a sort out of my fabrics tomorrow whilst it’s my day off and after I’ve taken my beautiful dog out for a crisp winter walk.

Speaking of my dog I can include a picture of him cause he’s so gorgeous.  Jack is a black labrador cross who we rescued from the Dog’s Trust back in 2010 and we believe he is around 6 years old now – although we can’t be too sure as they said he was between 9 and 15 months when we got him.  Luckily Jack hadn’t been mistreated when we adopted him, he had just come from a family split up who couldn’t keep him.


Sorry – No Craft’s today :(

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No crafting or crochet for me today!!!  Took my son to the orthodontist, spent 15 minutes trying to get in the hospital car park.  Saw the orthodontist only to be sent to the X-Ray department for x-rays of his teeth (he’s being assessed for braces by the way).  Spent 25 minutes waiting for x-rays so decided to ask (politely I add) the receptionist if she had an idea of how long we would be waiting only to be told…………wait for it cause this is good……………”we hadn’t been booked in!”  Well that wasn’t the response I expected.  Think she saw the look of horror on my face as her next line was “I’m busy”.  “But I’ve been waiting 25 minutes” was my reply.  And hers, and this is another corker “Well I haven’t just been sat here doing nothing”.  At that point my jaw hit the floor and I was rendered speechless.  She then gave our slip plus a pile of others which she hadn’t booked in either to one of the health care assistants for them to book in.

When we had finally finished it took us 40 minutes just to get out of the car park.  And we have to do it all over again in 9 months time – woooo flipping hooo.

Hence I have not had time to do any crafting today.  I did make one ear for my chihuahua last night.

So for today I will share one of my 2014 makes.  I went to a craft class and made a Christmas stocking.  They were so easy to make that I made two like the one below for my daughter and her boyfriend for her first Christmas in her new house.


knitting, teddy bear

This morning I made a start on making a gorgeously cute Chihuahua that I found in this month’s edition of Craftseller.  I then got caught up in sorting out our front bedroom so didn’t get too much done.  So far I have finished the head and the muzzle and I’ll post a picture as soon as he’s finished.

In the meantime here’s another one of my 2014 makes.  This little bear is knitted rather than crocheted but he’s still quite cute.  I really should do more knitting but I seem to be addicted to crochet (and better at it).


Crochet meets Card Making

anniversary, card making, crochet, papercraft

Today I decided to use my two crocheted love hearts to make my mum and dads anniversary card. And as promised here’s a picture.

I used some freebie patterned paper to cover a plain white card. I also found some lovely white paper with silver embelishments to mount my hearts.

I then made happy anniversary tags out of card covered in pink paper and added a homemade bow.

I’m quite chuffed with the results as it was my own ideas and believe me having ideas is definitely not my strong point 🙂

Almost Forget About this Little Fella

Amigurumi, crochet, elephant

Almost forgot about this creation, don’t know how as it really is one of my favourite thing.  I spotted it sitting on my son’s shelf the other day and had to share.

Found the free pattern online so thought I’d give it a go as I fell in love at first sight.  It took me an age to make it – it wasn’t difficult but it was bigger than I anticipated, it took up loads of stuffing and the legs were a nightmare to sew on and get right but I think you’ll agree the finished article is the cutest thing EVER!!!


Another Pokemon Make

Amigurumi, crochet, geocaching, pokemon

My son is a big fan of Geocaching (for those of you who’ve not heard of this it’s a treasure hunt, go online for the co-ordinates and clues, then find the treasure.  Visit for more info – its great fun).

He wanted to hide some Pokemon related caches (treasure chests) so I crocheted some mini pokeballs to go inside each as a gift for the person who is “First To Find”.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of the pokeballs – sorry.

Anyway he also wanted some “treasure” to go inside each box so I decided to make a Diglett for him.  Unfortunately it was too big so it now sits with Latias (or Latios!!) on his shelf.  Here’s a picture of Diglett.


A moment of creative inspiration

card making, crochet

As I was sat watching tv last night a felt the urge to get the crochet hook out and create – I often do this now as I feel it doesn’t feel right if I’m not crafting something.

A few days ago I bought Simply Crochet magazine which had a little free gift on the front to make two love heart badges for Valentines Day.

Bingo – I’d found a little project that wasn’t going to take an age to complete.

When my heart was complete I didn’t really want to put True or Love on the front as suggested in the pattern so instead I sewed Mum onto it as I thought I might attach it to my bag.

This morning as I pottered around doing the housework I had a magical light bulb moment and decided that I would make another heart with Dad on it and then use these two hearts as embelishments for an anniversary card for my mum and dad who are celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary in March – if it doesn’t look as expected it give me plenty of time to buy another card :D.

Here’s the finished heart and I’ll post a picture of the card (however good or bad) which I managed to make it.


My Sewing Project is Thworted by more Pokemon!!!!

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Many moons ago (think I’m going back a few years!!!) I found a sewing pattern for a lovely tunic which I fancied having a crack at.  I bought the material – a lovely red satin type.  Then life got in the way, the material and pattern migrated to the loft and bye, bye tunic.

Last year, however, we were forced to sort out the dumping ground that we called a loft so we could have it re-insulated and I came across the lovely material and pattern for my tunic – and I still love it, it’s obviously a classic design that doesn’t date.

Yes, I thought, I’m going to make this.  Material ironed all lovely and neat, pattern pieces cut ready to go.  Then my son comes home from his Pokemon club telling me they are having a “CosPlay” event (they play Pokemon cards in costumes for those who didn’t know what it was – neither did I till last year!!!) and he wants a costume, preferably Harley (a Pokemon trainer I think).  Well have you tried getting a pokemon fancy dress costume online – I wasn’t going to pay £75 for one so I thought “I can make that” :).  I found a pattern for some trousers which I tweaked a bit and I also used parts of the pattern for my elusive tunic to create a jacket.  I was quite pleased with the finished articles, considering my lack of dress making skills.  Only problem was he never actually got to go as he was ill – blooming typical.

Anyway here’s the finished product for you all to admire.  And this weekend I am going to attempt to make a start on my tunic – here’s hoping 😀


All work No craft

Amigurumi, crochet, pokemon

Work today so no crafting for me as I’m off out later for tea with friends.

Work just gets in the way – I really should find a job that lets me craft all day long 😀

So I will show you another one of my 2014 creations.

My son is a bit (actually a lot) mad on Pokemon so when he seen how good lambikins was and that I really could crochet good stuff he asked me to make him a Pokemon character. This one was his favourite at the time, its called Latios or Latias not quite sure.