A Mother’s Day Card

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As promised here’s a picture of the card I have made for my cooking mad mum.

I got a bit of inspiration from pinterest. I have scored and lightly pencilled in vertical lines so the base didn’t look too plain. I then covered a shaped piece of card with red gingham material and edged with some lace.

I cut a spatular shape and rolling pin shape from scraps of paper and stuck to the base card. I made the neck strap in the same way and finished the card off with some embellishments printed on pink paper, stuck on card and mounted with 3d foam pads.

I really love the finished product. There’s a couple of things I would’ve done slightly different like make the utensils from card and attach with 3d pads but I think its still a great card.

More Drawings


Got paid for one of my Frozen cards today – I feel like a fully fledged crafter now.

I am now in the process of making a Mother’s Day card and will pop a picture on when it’s finished.

Meanwhile here’s the next stage of my drawing adventure.

This is a bridge which is down the field from the farm cottage in Northumberland we always stay at.  This was the first thing I’d attempted to draw that wasn’t from my book.  I did this drawing in February 2014.


A pineapple

WP_001225 - Copy

A vase of daffodils


My Drawing Journey – The Next Installment


What have I done today?  Well I have made a further Frozen birthday card as a friend saw the one I made yesterday and asked if I could make one for her grand-daughter, so I obviously said yes 🙂

So instead of boring you all with a picture of another Frozen card I thought I’d treat you to a few pictures that I drew at the beginning of my quest to learn to draw.

Again all the drawings I have done so far have been copied from my Beginners Guide to Drawing book.

A watering can


A postbox


A banana


A pear


As you can see from my toilet roll tube to this pear I have progressed quite well.

I’ll post more pictures when I have no crafty things to update you on.

A Frozen Birthday Card

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I think this card speaks for itself really – a card for my 8 year old neice Erin, inspired of course by Disney’s Frozen.

I found the blue snowflake paper on Activity Village and it was a free download. I’ve never printed papers off before but its turned out really well so I definitely think I’ll be doing it again.

I found a picture of Elsa online, printed it onto some card and stuck it to the card using 3d foam pads. I did the same with the number 8.

Erin’s name was my first attempt at embossing. You couldn’t really see it very well at first so I mixed some white paint with PVA glue and sprinkled with wintery silver glitter.

I’m really pleased with how its turned out and I just hope she’ll love it.

I think making your own cards means you can create the perfect card for someone instead of settling for a shop bought one that doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Not much going on on the craft front


Don’t have much to say today but I made a deal with myself at the beginning of the year that I would write on my blog every day if I could.

Today I’ve been at work and then decided to treat the family to a gorgeous tea out.

Feeling extremely stuffed on lasagne and chunky chips (and I mean very chunky!!) followed by mandarin cheesecake I have started to make another mini lamb for my goddaughter.

Two powerful sentences..


When I’m having a lazy day when I can’t seem to motivate myself I’m going to use these phrases



These two four word sentences are so powerful ones that whenever you feel low , depressed, lost interest in everything , unable to complete a difficult task then just recite these sentences in your mind for few minutes..You will be filled with positive thoughts for sure.. Will be motivated to do your work n complete it with more confidence .. Nothing is impossible in this world , it’s just how you deal with it matters..if u want to achieve it no matter what ever obstacles comes on your way..you will find ways to achieve it. I came across these two sentences around 8 yrs back ,when I was going to personality development course. Found them very motivating.. So thought to share them with you all as it may be useful to u during your weak times…
Just write them on paper n…

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The Quilt – It’s finally finished

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After spending pretty much all day on the quilt, I’m pleased to say its finally finished. It’s not without mistakes and flaws but my theme for my kitchen is “Quaint and Quirky” and its definitely that. I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way such as take more time for meticulous measuring and sew from the middle down, turn and do the other half instead of sewing top to bottom in one straight line. I love this quilt and I can certainly say I’ll probably make another in the future but I will not be making the same mistakes again – quilting takes patience and time and next time I’ll build on these skills.