A patchwork bag Cath Kidston style

bags, Cath Kidston, homemade, patchwork, Sewing

Not sure how this little 2014 slipped out of the radar as I use it every day!!! Last Christmas (2013) my kids, knowing I wanted to make something patchwork as my New Years Resolution, bought me the Cath Kidston book Patch which had a free kit attached to make this bag (or it could’ve been made into a cushion cover). It was so easy to make and apart from the seams on the bag was all sewn by hand. I love it and I’m hoping to make more of the projects from the book.

I’m off on a short break to a lovely Northumberland hill farm tomorrow – I will try and blog every day and keep you up to date with my antics but the phone signal is very poor so if I don’t see you guys before I’ll be back blogging on Tuesday 😀


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