A cupcake birthday card

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I thought this was gonna be a quick and easy make and it might have been if I had a die-cutting machine.

I know the probably make things so much easier and quicker but I can’t justify spent £80+ on a machine.

I used some gorgeous papers from Wilkinsons that I got for Mothers Day and card and other bits and bobs from my stash. I think my mother in law is going to love this for her birthday on friday x

A 40th birthday card for my brother

40th birthday, birthday, card making, craft, explosion card, handmade, homemade, papercraft

For my brother’s 40th birthday I decided to make an explosion card which incorporated some old photos and some facts about the key years in his life.

This was the second attempt – the first seemed to dark.  The papers I’d used were just not right so I scrapped it and started again with some lighter and brighter papers.


I was really pleased with the end results.  I used images of films, songs and TV from the various years which I think looks really cool.


My attempt at organisation


A while ago someone asked how I organised my craft stash. I have many containers, baskets, boxes and jars in an attempt to find some calm to the craft chaos!!! My stuff is always on the move but as I collect more and more containers I’m sure it will eventually become organised – or maybe it will always be a working progress, or maybe I just enjoy getting everything out, looking through it and putting it back – and calling it re-organising!!!!

A Minion Card for an Awesome Daughter

birthday, card making, craft, homemade, papercraft

My daughter is a MASSIVE Despicable Me fan – despite being almost 24!!!  So what better card to make than a Minion card.

I use black card for the main card and cut out some yellow card just slightly smaller than the main card.  I then used very good quality blue paper for the jeans.  To get the denim effect all I did was drew around in white chalk and smudged it in (I did practice first on scrap paper as I had no idea how this would turn out, but I think it works really well).  I added buttons and a pocket to finish off the dungarees.

A black band close to the top and some grey/brownish circles of card topped with wibbly wobbly eyes.  I made holes with a needle and used a small crochet hook to hoop some black wool to make the hair.

Because one side of my black card was quite shiny (and black) it would’ve been quite difficult to write a message so I used some free printable Minion paper I found online, printed a message on it and stuck it to the inside of the card.

I’m really pleased with the finished result and I know my daughter is just going to love it.

WP_001263     WP_001264

Also my mum loved her apron Mother’s Day card too.  She kept looking at it and saying “I love that card” – so I think she liked it 😀

Beautiful Teesside

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Wednesdays and Fridays are my days off.  Fridays are taking up with housework and the “Friday Big Shop” but Wednesdays I like to take my dog Jack out for a nice walk somewhere, somewhere different from the cycle track near my home where I have to walk him on the days I’m at work.

Today we parked up at a little hamlet called Girsby and did a 5.8 mile walk around the “Sockburn Loop”.  The area of Sockburn does have a little bit of a legend surrounding it:-

According to legend the brave Sir John Conyers, a Norman knight who came to England during the Conquest, slew the man-eating Sockburn Worm (dragon) that terrorised the good people of the neighbourhood. In return for his act of heroism the lands of Sockburn were awarded to the Conyer family and a grand hall was built. A tradition followed whereby the falchion, the sword that killed the dragon, was presented to every incoming new Bishop of Durham as they entered their new bishopric for the first time. The tradition ceased for about 200 years until its reintroduction in 1984. The ceremony takes place in the middle of Croft-on-Tees Bridge and the falchion is kept on permanent display in Durham Cathedral treasury.

One of England’s greatest poets, William Wordsworth, also spent several months at Sockburn Farm near to the hall where he met and courted his future wife Mary.

Along the way I took a few pics:-

Some teeny tiny daffodils – so cute


A dog and Dawn selfie – and no, I’m not trying to stick my tongue out to look like the dog – that’s my concentration face (I don’t usually do selfies!!!)


Girsby Bridle Bridge


View from the bridge of the River Tees – see it’s not all industrial 🙂


View high up at Girsby All Saint’s Church down to the bridge and river


This was all just a 10 minute drive from Yarm-On-Tees.

It’s All in The Preparation

card making

Today I don’t have any pictures to show you as I’ve been searching through old photographs to find photographs of my little brother who is turning 40 at the end of the month.

I have decided to try and make him a box type pop up card – I’ve seen a few examples on my beloved Pinterest and I think I could incorporate a few of his baby photos into the card.

I’ve also got a card to make for my daughter also for the end of the month – she’s 23 but loves the Minion’s so I’m going to base a card on that for her.

As soon as my cards are completed I’ll post some pics x

Card Making at The Range


Today I have spent most of the day at The Range where they had a card making demonstration on.

I turned up not really knowing what to expect but thinking I was going to be making a card. Instead we watched the demonstrator make a card and we were able to ask questions – which I definitely did. In fact I think after 3 hours the demonstrator would’ve been glad to see the back of me and all my questions!!! Even though I didn’t make a card I felt I learnt a huge amount and was given loads of great tips, not just from the demonstrator but by the other people watching.