Pernicious Anaemia

black labrador, dog

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a couple of days.  I have pernicious anaemia and have had my B12 injection today so for the past few days I’ve been struggling to function so blogging has been the last thing of my mind if I’m honest.

But today I’ve have my injection and although it stings like hell I’m feeling like a new woman.

Haven’t got any craft makes to share but I do have a really cool picture of my dog Jack swimming in the River Tees in the glorious sunshine to share.

picture (4)

I friend of mine is getting a stall at a Craft Fair in May and asked if I would like to make some bits and pieces and she’ll sell them for me.  I’m not sure what to make or even if my makes are good enough but I thought I’d crochet a few cute little amigurumi animals and make some cards – it’ll be interesting to see if people would be interested in my stuff.

Would love to hear what you all think.


3 thoughts on “Pernicious Anaemia

  1. Hi, I’m new here and mooching around looking for fellow crafting/arty blogs. I do love your ability to crochet…..mine turns out like freeform on drugs, haha! Good luck with making things for the craft stall. It’ll be a fun experience, if nothing else 🙂

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