Christmas Comes Early

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Ho Ho Ho.  My mum has mentioned her scout group will be holding a craft fair at the end of the year and asked if I wanted a table to sell my wares.  Now I’m not entirely sure my stuff is good enough to sell but she seems to have confidence in my creative talents so think I might just give it a bash.

Now I’m not the quickest of crocheters so I thought I best start plodding on to create some stock – welcome Mrs Christmas.  I love her and I do actually think mine looks better than the one in the magazine 🙂

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A card for a child

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Whilst browsing through my magazines I came across this card which looked relatively easy to make.

The blue spotty paper is actually just some cheap wrapping paper but I think it looks quite effective.

I tried to google images of the animals but nothing seemed right so I found similar cards cropped down the images and just cut them out – bingo!!!


A Card on an Oriental Theme

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Today I had the urge to make a card.  I’ve no birthdays, anniversaries or special occassions coming up to make a card for so I just made a card just for the fun of it – I’m sure it’ll come in handy at some point.

I had a scour through my magazines for something fairly simply and one which I had the free papers for.

This is what I opted for – what I did before I started however, was to scan the papers onto my computer so I can then print out some more if I want to make more of these cards.  I will have to remember to do that with all my free papers in the future I think.


A crocheted Lanyard

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I saw a pattern in one of my Simply Crochet magazines for this lanyard, which I thought look lovely, so decided to give it a go. It looked easy enough to make and I thought I could knock up quite a few fairly quickly and my friend could sell them for me at her craft fair.

Boy was I wrong!!!! Firstly I had to make 32 little squares, then I had to join them all together and them I had to crochet a border around the edge – that was the easy bit. The annoying and most time consuming bit came when I had to weave all the ends in – oh my word!!!!

I have acquired about 10 lanyard clips so would like to make more but unless I come across a pattern that isn’t so fiddly I think the clips will still be sat in my stash for many years to come 🙂

Card for a Cake Lover and Cake Baker

birthday, card making, handmade, papercraft

A friend of mine is having a birthday soon and I wanted to make her something that is appropriate to our friendship.

One of our very favourite things to do together is have tea and eat cake.  And she loves making cakes too so what better card than to make and a cupcake inspired one.

This card was all my very own creation – no help whatsoever from Pinterest or Google 🙂


A Retro Campervan Card for a friends 50th Birthday

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I haven’t blogged for a while, the reason was this was that my crafting has took a bit of a back seat to reading.  I was loaned a book called The Magpies by a friend of mine – once opened the rest of my life took a back seat!!!!  Once I’d finished she then loaned me another one of Mark Edwards’ books called Because She Loves Me.  Both books are a fantastic read and I would definitely recommend them to those of you who have no desire to do anything else whatsoever!!!!

Anyway back to the world of card-making.  For my very special friend who is a mad fan of campervans, was there really any other card that I could make?

In the 25 years that I have known her she always said that she would get a car with the personalised number plate of T1 LEY – she still hasn’t got this plate so her dream vehicle comes complete with her dream number plate.

I also wanted to celebrate our friendship so inside I created a collage of photos, adjusted the transparency so I was able to print a special verse on it.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out – it’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (again the lack of a die-cut machine meant my circles were less than perfect) but it captures out friendship perfectly and that’s what truly matters.

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A handmade trinket box

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I found instructions for this little trinket box in a recent copy of DoCrafts Creativity Magazine.  It’s not quite how it looked in the magazine due to the fact I didn’t want to go out and buy stuff so I just used my stash and improvised 🙂

I also don’t have a die cutting machine – I can’t bring myself to spend that amount of money on something when I just make cards as a hobby and don’t make any money from them.  So instead – again improvisation on overdrive – I just Googled some images, printed them off and used them as a template – then I have to trust my craft knives and steady (ish) hand!!!

Once this was made I bought a box a Thornton’s chocolates – took enough out to fill the box and ate the rest myself :D.

It was a little gift from my son to his nana and she really loved it and I thought it was a nicer idea than just merely giving a box of chocolate.

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