A Card on an Oriental Theme

birthday, card making, craft, handmade, oriental, papercraft

Today I had the urge to make a card.  I’ve no birthdays, anniversaries or special occassions coming up to make a card for so I just made a card just for the fun of it – I’m sure it’ll come in handy at some point.

I had a scour through my magazines for something fairly simply and one which I had the free papers for.

This is what I opted for – what I did before I started however, was to scan the papers onto my computer so I can then print out some more if I want to make more of these cards.  I will have to remember to do that with all my free papers in the future I think.



4 thoughts on “A Card on an Oriental Theme

  1. There was one other in the magazine – it was a pinky/red kimono with a very thin strip of blue down the collar. I suppose you could use whatever papers you have to hand. And maybe you could try and fashion a parasol of sorts for decoration too – that’s quite oriental.


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