An Anniversary Card

anniversary, card making, craft, handmade, homemade, papercraft

My daughter and her boyfriend have been together to a year and I wanted to make the occassion special for them so I made this simple but, I think, effective little card to mark the event.

I used some textured card which I had bought very cheaply (89p for 8 A4 sheets) from Home Bargains – amazingly thick and good quality considering the price, definitely a bargain.

I was intending on printing some heart paper off but my printer has decided it’s not printing properly (a problem that needs rectifying as I use my printer an awful lot now I’m into this card making malarchy 🙂 ).  So instead I rummaged through my stash and came across some pretty pink paper which I think works equally well.

The tricky part was cutting out the heart shapes with a craft knife – if anyone has any tips on how to effectively cut curves and circles with a craft knife if would be much appreciated.

Here’s the finished piece.


I think my next mission will be to learn calligraphy as I think it will add an extra special finished to some of my cards.  But I’m a lefty so I know it’s not going to be an easy task.


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