A Card for a New Job

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My nephew is starting an apprenticeship tomorrow at an accounting firm so to show him how amazingly proud I am of him I wanted to send him a special card to celebrate the occasion.

The card was unbelievable simple to make and was based on a very basic idea.  The ties were a little more tricky and I made three size ties before I finally got to a 2″x2″ square piece of paper – I bit fiddly but still really easy to make.

I love this card – I think it’s one of my favourites out of my makes so far.


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An 18th Birthday Card

18th birthday, card, card making, handmade, homemade, papercraft

Thought I’d share this card with you all.  Obviously it can be adjusted massively.  You can alter the colours to suit male or female and change the age – the possibilities are endless.


A Card for Father’s Day

card, card making, Father's Day, handmade, homemade, papercraft

Now that Father’s Day has been and gone I can post this card without the fear of the hubster seeing it.

I copied a design from one of my craft magazines, not sure exactly which one, but I think it may have been DoCrafts Creativity magazine (which I may add only costs £2.99 from The Range instead of £4.99 everywhere else – bargain – the free gifts alone must be worth almost that!!).

Anyway the hubster loved his card and had a fabulous day.


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A 60th Birthday Card for my neighbour

60th, birthday, card making

I’m trying to catch up a little bit so here’s my second blog of the day.

The other day I walked out of my house only to see banners galore on my neighbours window advertising the fact he was 60 years old.

Being a good neighbour I decided the make him a birthday card.  I was a bit rushed but I think the end result is great.  And you can use any backing paper (as long as it’s manly!!!) and it can be adapted for any age.


Most importantly he loved it and had a great birthday too.

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My first order

Amigurumi, craft, crochet, handmade, homemade, Shaun the Sheep

With the launch of my facebook page I received an order for a Lambikins and Shaun the Sheep.

My original Shaun the Sheep has stick on felt eyes and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to a child so I wanted to used either safety eyes or sew-on eyes.

After reading a tip on somebodies blog about making a larger amigurumi by using doubled-up yarn and a larger hook I decided to give it a go.

The end result was almost twice the size of the original Shaun and I was able to crochet some eyes with a small hook and sew them on.

Here he is:-


Anybody wanting to like and share my page please feel free.

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Another Frozen Inspired Birthday Card

birthday, card, card making, Disney, Frozen, handmade, homemade, papercraft

My friends daughter is a bit Frozen obsessed so what there any other option but to make this for her birthday.


Made with a 13.5cm square card.  I back it with some snowflake paper which I had found as a free download online.  Then with some ribbon, glitter and a picture found on the internet the card came together.

And most importantly, she really loved it.  My friend said it was her favourite card – but that might have had something to do with the money that was inside 😀

Back to Crafting and Crochet

Amigurumi, crochet, dragon, handmade, homemade

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat recently I’ve been busy, busy, busy making cards and crocheting items in prepartion for my Christmas craft stall – I know it’s only June but I’m not the fastest of crocheters :D.

Anyway one of my recent makes is this baby dragon.  Although he is really cute he was a bit fiddly to make so I don’t think there’ll be a big supply of this little character on my stall.


My New Facebook Page

facebook, handmade, homemade

As you all probably know I adore crafting.  I’ve made some pretty awesome (in my opinion!!) cards and crocheted items and if I’m honest I’m starting to run out of people to make cards for and give cute amigurumi items to.

So I had the brainwave of introducing my wares to the masses – well my facebook friends at least 🙂 so I created a new facebook page to try and sell some of my handiwork.

If any of you lovely people would like to take a look and and even like and share my page that would be gratefully appreciated.  I would also like to hear any comments on making the page better – any constructive criticism is very welcome, after all if I don’t know what I’m doing wrong then I won’t be able to change it.  So feel free to share you opinions.

My facebook page is www.facebook.com/Dawnshandmadecardsandgifts for anyone who wants to look.

Many thanks peeps

A quick little make with Freebie Gift

birthday, card, card making, DoCrafts, gorjuss, handmade, homemade, niece, papercraft

Found a freebie gift tucked away amongst my stuff which I got on the front of the DoCrafts Creativity Magazine (which, by the way, only costs £2.99 from The Range instead of £4.99 anywhere else).

I love the Gorjuss range so had to make this little card for my neice.