Another couple of giraffes

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Got an order for some giraffes.  Nice easy knitted makes.  One order wanted a R initial on the front so rather than cut one out of felt and glue it on I decided to crochet the letter and sew it on.  These guys look so good in any combination of colours – I love making them.

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A selection of recent cards

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Thought I’d post a selection of my cards I’ve recently made.

August and September have been a busy time for birthdays in my family so I’ve been very busy making cards.  On top of that, August and September appear to be busy times for everyone else for cards too as I’ve had a good amount of orders from family and friends who have seen my Facebook page (Dawn’s Handmade Cards and Gifts).

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A Crocheted Badger

Amigurumi, badger, crochet, handmade, homemade

I needed to make this.  I have never, ever seen a badger in the wild, it’s on my bucket list :), so I felt the need to make my own.

Found this pattern in a magazine so just had to make it.  I really hate working with black wool, I just can’t seem to see the stitches very well, especially when you first start and you work is small.  But I sat in the garden and plodded along.

Very please with the finished result.


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A few makes of the card variety

birthday, card making, handmade, homemade

Just thought I’d share a few makes with you.

First of all a card for my brother in law.  It’s a family joke that he resembles Al from Toy Story 2 (Al’s Toy Barn) so it was this was a bit of a no-brainer.   Not as complicated as it looks really and it went down a storm.


Next International Friendship Day – 30th July was International Friendship Day so I want to show my friends how much I appreciated them by sending a card.  Again another simple make which I saw in a magazine but they much greatly received.


A got a some freebie papers and toppers on a magazine so I created this gorgeous card for my niece.  At first I wasn’t sure who I was going to send it too but my son picked it out of the box so I added “Happy Birthday” and “Cousin” and it was good to go.


Not sure if I’ve posted this one before (sorry if I have). This was for my hubby from my son – bit of a rushed job while the hubster was out walking the dog.


And lastly, a gorgeous birthday card for a 3 year old Peppa Pig fan – it speaks for itself really.


Santa’s Little Helper

Amigurumi, Christmas, crochet, handmade, homemade

I made one of these cute little fellows last year but before I took a photo he was packed up with the Christmas decorations and banished to the loft until December.

So I thought I’d make another to put in my stash for my Christmas craft stall and this time I remembered to take his pic.

How adorable is this little guy, and he is made even more christmassy with his little bell on the end of his hat.  A very easy make that I found in the Simply Crochet magazine, it also allowed me to learn a new stitch – the puff stitch.


An Explosion Card for a Wedding

card, card making, handmade, homemade, papercraft, wedding

A friend of mine mentioned during tea and cake one Saturday morning that she was having trouble finding a card for her brothers wedding, which was a same-sex marriage.  She said she could only find one in the card shop which was going to cost £8.  At that point I told her not to bother and I would make her one – if it was so hard to find a card then chance were most people at the wedding would be giving her brother the same cards.

At least a home made card would be unique and nobody would have the same card.  So I set to work – she told me she would like silver, tuxedoes, wedding rings and champagne glasses included.

All the things she wanted were included but to make it a little more personalised I added the grooms’ names and also the date of the wedding.

I think it’s something they are going to cherish forever – and it is definitely a one-off.

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Some Disney Crochet

Amigurumi, crochet

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet for a while but I’ve been busy, busy, busy with card and crochet orders from my Facebook page.

I was asked if I could make Sadness from the new Disney movie, Inside Out, so I obliged and following the success of Sadness (which is just the cutest thing I’ve ever made I think – I didn’t want to part with her), I was asked to make Joy and Disgust.

I’ve been on holiday this week to The Lake District in Cumbria so it was a real chore to be sat crocheting with the gorgeous mountainous views but I put up with it and battled on.

Sadness was a fairly easy make although the hair took some time as the hair was all separate lengths of yarn threaded into a cap.  Joy went fairly hassle free but she was done without a pattern and Disgust wasn’t too bad apart from the fact she had 3 dresses in different shades of green before I was happy.

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