More Creations

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I had a bit of a card making spree the other day, trying to use up some of the odd decoupage and cards I’ve had left over that just seem to be there and not being used.  So I set myself a mission to use them up, and here’s the results.

WP_001702 WP_001703 WP_001708 WP_001709 WP_001760 WP_001761 WP_001763 WP_001765 WP_001766

These cards and more can be seen on my Facebook page Dawn’s Handmade Cards & Gifts


A birthday card for a Minni Mouse fan

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After learning a friends little girl was besotted with Minnie Mouse after a recent trip to Disneyland Paris, the theme for her card was a bit of a no-brainer.


She was over the moon with her card and just as excited to receive her first letter from the postman.  Feels great to make a little girl very happy on her birthday.

Check out more of my cards on my Facebook page Dawn’s Handmade Cards & Gifts

Explosion Cards

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I saw an explosion card in an edition of Creativity magazine and decided to make it earlier in the year for my brother’s 40th birthday.

Since then I have made quite a few explosion cards and everybody seems to love them.

Here’s my latest makes:-

WP_001654 WP_001667 WP_001672 WP_001737

Another selection of my recent makes

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Been very busy making cards, cards, and more cards.  And a bit of crochet now and again.

Here’s another selection of my handy work.  Can’t believe I’ve only been doing this since the New Year – feel like I’ve done so much and learnt so much.  My creations have come on in leaps and bounds – when I look back at my first makes I can’t believe how basic they look.

WP_001642 WP_001644 WP_001645 WP_001675 WP_001680

A selection of handmade birthday cards

birthday, card making, handmade, homemade, teenager

I thought I’d share with you a few more of my recent card makes that I made for a friend’s daughters birthday.

Firstly I made a mobile phone card from her niece.  She loves her technology and I spied a similar one on Pinterest.  A really quick and easy make which can be totally personalised in favourite colours, name, age and whatever messages suit.  Loved the end result.


Also on the order list was a sister card.  As the young lady in question likes ice skating I liked this idea of using a snow globe shape.  I used acetate to make a circle for the centre of the card and stuck a printed picture to it.  To get the snow flakes I just used silver glitter glue.  A bit fiddly in parts but it was worth it.


I saw this card in the Creativity magazine and used the free papers that came with the magazine.


I saw this card online and as my friend’s daughter is a bit of a shop-a-holic, I really wanted to give it a go.  I love this card and I will definitely be making more in the future – again it’s one of those cards which can be customised to suit the recipients favourite colours.


Feel free to take a look at other cards and crochet items I have made on my Facebook page Dawn’s Handmade Cards and Gifts.  If you like what you see please share with your friends and family.

A selection of recent cards

18th birthday, 40th birthday, anniversary, birthday, card, card making, handmade, homemade

Thought I’d post a selection of my cards I’ve recently made.

August and September have been a busy time for birthdays in my family so I’ve been very busy making cards.  On top of that, August and September appear to be busy times for everyone else for cards too as I’ve had a good amount of orders from family and friends who have seen my Facebook page (Dawn’s Handmade Cards and Gifts).

WP_001559 WP_001560 WP_001564 WP_001576 WP_001578 WP_001582 WP_001584 WP_001585 WP_001587 WP_001588

A few makes of the card variety

birthday, card making, handmade, homemade

Just thought I’d share a few makes with you.

First of all a card for my brother in law.  It’s a family joke that he resembles Al from Toy Story 2 (Al’s Toy Barn) so it was this was a bit of a no-brainer.   Not as complicated as it looks really and it went down a storm.


Next International Friendship Day – 30th July was International Friendship Day so I want to show my friends how much I appreciated them by sending a card.  Again another simple make which I saw in a magazine but they much greatly received.


A got a some freebie papers and toppers on a magazine so I created this gorgeous card for my niece.  At first I wasn’t sure who I was going to send it too but my son picked it out of the box so I added “Happy Birthday” and “Cousin” and it was good to go.


Not sure if I’ve posted this one before (sorry if I have). This was for my hubby from my son – bit of a rushed job while the hubster was out walking the dog.


And lastly, a gorgeous birthday card for a 3 year old Peppa Pig fan – it speaks for itself really.


A quick make using freebies

birthday, card making, handmade, homemade, papercraft

I’m pleased to say that I have had a few orders from my newly formed Facebook page (Dawn’s Handmade Cards and Gifts for anybody who would like to take a look).   So I’ve had my hands kept pretty busy over the last couple of weeks.  At the moment I cannot share the pictures of finished items as the gifts haven’t been given yet and I don’t want any pictures to leak (I know it’s very unlikely but I’d rather wait than take the chance).  I promise I will share as soon as I can.

In the meantime I will share with you a nice quick make that I found in a magazine, using the freebie papers and images that came with the mag.  It’s a bit of an awkward size to get an envelope for so I think I might have to master the art of envelope making for future projects.

The mistake I made with this card, was I didn’t scan the picture or papers before making the card – so I can’t make this exact same card again but I can obviously make it slightly different.  After making this card I now quickly scan my free papers onto my computer – just in case.