Beautiful Teesside

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Wednesdays and Fridays are my days off.  Fridays are taking up with housework and the “Friday Big Shop” but Wednesdays I like to take my dog Jack out for a nice walk somewhere, somewhere different from the cycle track near my home where I have to walk him on the days I’m at work.

Today we parked up at a little hamlet called Girsby and did a 5.8 mile walk around the “Sockburn Loop”.  The area of Sockburn does have a little bit of a legend surrounding it:-

According to legend the brave Sir John Conyers, a Norman knight who came to England during the Conquest, slew the man-eating Sockburn Worm (dragon) that terrorised the good people of the neighbourhood. In return for his act of heroism the lands of Sockburn were awarded to the Conyer family and a grand hall was built. A tradition followed whereby the falchion, the sword that killed the dragon, was presented to every incoming new Bishop of Durham as they entered their new bishopric for the first time. The tradition ceased for about 200 years until its reintroduction in 1984. The ceremony takes place in the middle of Croft-on-Tees Bridge and the falchion is kept on permanent display in Durham Cathedral treasury.

One of England’s greatest poets, William Wordsworth, also spent several months at Sockburn Farm near to the hall where he met and courted his future wife Mary.

Along the way I took a few pics:-

Some teeny tiny daffodils – so cute


A dog and Dawn selfie – and no, I’m not trying to stick my tongue out to look like the dog – that’s my concentration face (I don’t usually do selfies!!!)


Girsby Bridle Bridge


View from the bridge of the River Tees – see it’s not all industrial 🙂


View high up at Girsby All Saint’s Church down to the bridge and river


This was all just a 10 minute drive from Yarm-On-Tees.


Pernicious Anaemia

black labrador, dog

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a couple of days.  I have pernicious anaemia and have had my B12 injection today so for the past few days I’ve been struggling to function so blogging has been the last thing of my mind if I’m honest.

But today I’ve have my injection and although it stings like hell I’m feeling like a new woman.

Haven’t got any craft makes to share but I do have a really cool picture of my dog Jack swimming in the River Tees in the glorious sunshine to share.

picture (4)

I friend of mine is getting a stall at a Craft Fair in May and asked if I would like to make some bits and pieces and she’ll sell them for me.  I’m not sure what to make or even if my makes are good enough but I thought I’d crochet a few cute little amigurumi animals and make some cards – it’ll be interesting to see if people would be interested in my stuff.

Would love to hear what you all think.

Sorry No Craft Pictures Today but here’s Jack instead

black labrador, dog, pet

Sorry to say I’ve got no craft pictures to show you today I’m afraid.

It’s really hard to blog every day, like I set myself a goal to do, when you’ve got no crafting to comment on.

Been at work all day and I am continuing with my little Chihuahua.

Really need to get moving again on the elusive tunic and want to make a start on the patchwork quilt that I resolved to make at New Year.  I think I’ll have a bit of a sort out of my fabrics tomorrow whilst it’s my day off and after I’ve taken my beautiful dog out for a crisp winter walk.

Speaking of my dog I can include a picture of him cause he’s so gorgeous.  Jack is a black labrador cross who we rescued from the Dog’s Trust back in 2010 and we believe he is around 6 years old now – although we can’t be too sure as they said he was between 9 and 15 months when we got him.  Luckily Jack hadn’t been mistreated when we adopted him, he had just come from a family split up who couldn’t keep him.