Another Batch of Christmas Card

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I’ve been trying to make a Christmas card for each birthday card I make but it’s fallen by the wayside a little bit but I have managed to make a selection of Christmas cards.  Most very easy to make, some a little bit more tricky.

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Dawn’s Handmade Cards and Gifts


Continuing with Christmas

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I found this pattern in the Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine which I’d purchased earlier in the year.  In the magazine they used floral designs but given that I have a stash of old Christmas cards I thought I’d put them to good use to make this quick and easy Christmas Tree decoration.


Dawn’s Handmade Cards and Gifts

Santa’s Little Helper

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I made one of these cute little fellows last year but before I took a photo he was packed up with the Christmas decorations and banished to the loft until December.

So I thought I’d make another to put in my stash for my Christmas craft stall and this time I remembered to take his pic.

How adorable is this little guy, and he is made even more christmassy with his little bell on the end of his hat.  A very easy make that I found in the Simply Crochet magazine, it also allowed me to learn a new stitch – the puff stitch.


Christmas Comes Early

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Ho Ho Ho.  My mum has mentioned her scout group will be holding a craft fair at the end of the year and asked if I wanted a table to sell my wares.  Now I’m not entirely sure my stuff is good enough to sell but she seems to have confidence in my creative talents so think I might just give it a bash.

Now I’m not the quickest of crocheters so I thought I best start plodding on to create some stock – welcome Mrs Christmas.  I love her and I do actually think mine looks better than the one in the magazine 🙂

WP_001312 WP_001313

Sorry – No Craft’s today :(

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No crafting or crochet for me today!!!  Took my son to the orthodontist, spent 15 minutes trying to get in the hospital car park.  Saw the orthodontist only to be sent to the X-Ray department for x-rays of his teeth (he’s being assessed for braces by the way).  Spent 25 minutes waiting for x-rays so decided to ask (politely I add) the receptionist if she had an idea of how long we would be waiting only to be told…………wait for it cause this is good……………”we hadn’t been booked in!”  Well that wasn’t the response I expected.  Think she saw the look of horror on my face as her next line was “I’m busy”.  “But I’ve been waiting 25 minutes” was my reply.  And hers, and this is another corker “Well I haven’t just been sat here doing nothing”.  At that point my jaw hit the floor and I was rendered speechless.  She then gave our slip plus a pile of others which she hadn’t booked in either to one of the health care assistants for them to book in.

When we had finally finished it took us 40 minutes just to get out of the car park.  And we have to do it all over again in 9 months time – woooo flipping hooo.

Hence I have not had time to do any crafting today.  I did make one ear for my chihuahua last night.

So for today I will share one of my 2014 makes.  I went to a craft class and made a Christmas stocking.  They were so easy to make that I made two like the one below for my daughter and her boyfriend for her first Christmas in her new house.


Christmas is Coming

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As it got closer to Christmas I started to think about making some homemade crochet decorations.  I made various small tree decorations include an angel which was very cute until I sewed it’s eyes on and then it took on an alien life form.  I made these small Christmas stockings to hang on the tree and popped a small piece of chocolate inside.  I made these in a variety of colours – pink, purple, blue, green – all colours seemed to work really well.  Each of my neices and nephews and my friends kids were all lucky recipients.