A few more drawings to share

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I thought I share with you a few more of my drawings from last year.

It’s funny but I only seem to draw when I go away on holiday – these are a couple I did whilst away in Norfolk last summer.

WP_001236 WP_001237


More Drawings


Got paid for one of my Frozen cards today – I feel like a fully fledged crafter now.

I am now in the process of making a Mother’s Day card and will pop a picture on when it’s finished.

Meanwhile here’s the next stage of my drawing adventure.

This is a bridge which is down the field from the farm cottage in Northumberland we always stay at.  This was the first thing I’d attempted to draw that wasn’t from my book.  I did this drawing in February 2014.


A pineapple

WP_001225 - Copy

A vase of daffodils


My Drawing Journey – The Next Installment


What have I done today?  Well I have made a further Frozen birthday card as a friend saw the one I made yesterday and asked if I could make one for her grand-daughter, so I obviously said yes 🙂

So instead of boring you all with a picture of another Frozen card I thought I’d treat you to a few pictures that I drew at the beginning of my quest to learn to draw.

Again all the drawings I have done so far have been copied from my Beginners Guide to Drawing book.

A watering can


A postbox


A banana


A pear


As you can see from my toilet roll tube to this pear I have progressed quite well.

I’ll post more pictures when I have no crafty things to update you on.

Drawing – The Early Days

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Haven’t done any crafting today so I thought I’d share with you a few of the first drawings I did last year after I’d resolved to learn to draw.

My first picture – toilet roll tubes


The next few drawings were copied out of my Beginner’s Guide to Drawing Book.

WP_001216  A baked bean can

WP_001217 A Mug

WP_001218  A jug

WP_001219  A flask

I won’t post all my pictures to date – I’ll wait till another day I’ve got no crafting to update you on then I’ll post another batch.

A bit of a catch up

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As I’ve been away for a few days and with internet and mobile phone signal a bit hit and miss I haven’t been able to post every day. But this does not mean I’ve not been active. Obviously I wasn’t able to take all my craft stuff so I took the opportunity of peace and quiet to do a bit of drawing and catch up on a bit of reading. I drew a “speedy snail” and book worm from my sons how to draw book. I also drew an oak tree and country cottages from my own beginners drawing book. I’m not overly chuffed with the houses but as this was my first attempts at houses and perspective I suppose I can’t complain.

I also ambushed the hubsters origami set and decided to give that a bash – it was a lot harder than I remember from my school days. I made a walking crab, pig finger puppet and a fox puppet – none of which look like said creatures!!! But they look exactly like in the book.

Lastly the book I have started reading is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – I seriously wish I hadn’t bothered but I can’t bring myself to not finish a book I start. I’m 100 pages in (6 chapters) and the story still hasn’t got going. still reading back stories. I am hoping it picks up as the blurb on the back sounds really promising.

Oh and not to mention the glorious dog walking in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside – after 10 years of visiting the same hill farm we never tire of the views.

Happy New Year – Happy New Blog!!

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This time last year I made a few New Year’s Resolutions – well not exactly resolutions more like goals I wanted to achieve.

1.  To learn to draw (or create something that didn’t look like a 4 year old had done it!!).  After working my way through my son’s Learn to Draw Book I’ve progressed from drawing a toilet roll tube to this – Job Done I think.


2.  To create something patchwork – unfortunately no picture for this one but I created a fairly respectable cushion cover.

3.  To make a crocheted object.  When I was younger my mum taught me how to do the basic crochet stitches – no easy feat considering she’s right handed and I’m a leftie.  I saw this cute little fellow on the front of a magazine and had to give it a go.  With a lot of help from YouTube I managed to extend my crochet skills and create the gorgeous Lambikins.WP_000977

This year I would like to create something a little bigger in patchwork and I fancy giving card making a go.  Really I just want to expand my crafting skills and give a few things a go.

Creating a blog was also on my list of things to do in 2015, so here it is.

Any other lefties out there who have any hints and tips to make my craft journey any easier feel free to share.