A Day Off Work

Amigurumi, crochet, crochet pattern, Hippo

Yay a day off work.  To be honest I do only work 3 days per week and even then I only work 9am to 2:30pm (I know life is so very tough).

I had all good intentions to get started on my first homemade card today but instead I took the dog out for a 30 minute jog and then when I got home saw the state of my son’s bedroom and felt the burning urge to tidy it up.  So here’s the next instalment of my Crafty 2014.

I found this free pattern for Betty the Hippo on-line and just had to make her – she is so very cute I just couldn’t resist.

Here’s a link to the pattern – Betty_the_Hippo.  Hope you enjoy making her – she’s fairly quick and easy to make and as you can see, she’s adorable.