Mini Lamb

Amigurumi, crochet, homemade, Lamb

Another make for my god-daughters premature baby fund. These cute little fellas came from the first ever craft magazine I ever bought – Crafty – he’s the little relative of Lambikins, my first crochet project, and the subject of my blogs main pic.

This is an extremely quick and easy make so think I’ll be making a few more for the new babies.


Lambikins hits Facebook

Amigurumi, crochet, Lamb

After my success with Lambikins I became I bit obsessed with crocheting, in particular Amigurumi.  I crocheted characters for my Pokemon addict son and also a Minion hat for my daughter.  I also thought I’d give Lambikins a go in black – however I didn’t like him as much as the white as the stuffing showed through a little.


My neice asked me to make her a Lambikins and upon completion I posted a picture of the cute little lamb on Facebook to show her what he looked like and let her know he was completed – BIG MISTAKE!!!!  I was then bombarded by friends also wanting one of my cute creations.  I ended up making EIGHT baby sheep.  People wanted to pay for their Lambs but I had no idea how much to charge so I just said that as long as I received the £4 which it cost me for the materials then I was happy – I received between £7 and £15 for each toy so it turned out to be a nice little money spinner – although I’m not a fast crocheter so it took me 12 hours to make each one.  Needless to say I didn’t post any more pictures of my creations online.