The Quilt – It’s finally finished

homemade, patchwork, quilt, Sewing

After spending pretty much all day on the quilt, I’m pleased to say its finally finished. It’s not without mistakes and flaws but my theme for my kitchen is “Quaint and Quirky” and its definitely that. I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way such as take more time for meticulous measuring and sew from the middle down, turn and do the other half instead of sewing top to bottom in one straight line. I love this quilt and I can certainly say I’ll probably make another in the future but I will not be making the same mistakes again – quilting takes patience and time and next time I’ll build on these skills.

Work on my New Years Resolution has begun

craft, homemade, patchwork, quilt, Sewing

This new year I set myself a goal of making a patchwork quilt. Once again I scoured through my stash of magazines (did I mention I have a magazine addiction!!!) and I came across a, what seems a fairly easy, design called Disappearing Four Patch. So today I made a started – I’m pleased to say my 64 squares are now cut and ready to sew. Obviously the colours are not exactly the same but in true patchwork style I’ve used material I had in my stash. Apart from the cream for which I bought a double sheet for the bargain price of £4.99 – I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to buy off the roll for that price!