Enough of Crochet – Time for something new!

Sewing, Tissue Box Cover

Booooo – back at work today.  I was going to blog during my lunch but never got round to it!

While I decide what my next project is going to be I will carry on with my 2014 crafting journey.  Here’s the next instalment:-

Having crocheted my little hands off I decided it was time to explore a new avenue. So I dusted down the sewing machine and bought myself a new book which would, hopefully, utilise all the scraps of material I had been gathering –  Half Yard Heaven was screaming out to me from the pages of Amazon.  A couple of days later it dropped onto my door mat and my new craft project could begin – but what to choose?  With such a fantastic array of simple projects to make with very little in terms of haberdashery I decided on the simplest thing I could find – a tissue box cover.  A very simple project which makes a dull box of tissues look fantastic – the trickiest bit was making some bias binding as, amazingly, I didn’t have any in my box of crafting tricks.  I was pleased as punch with my latest make.