The Cutest Boxer Dog in the World

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I’m always pleased when someone asks me to make something which is special to them, so was over the moon when I was asked to make this boxer dog. Although not exactly like the picture I was sent, after lots of crochet, pulling out, unpicking and re-crocheting, this little fella was born and I for one think he is a cute little guy. I’m super pleased with how he turned out.17504266_962773103858238_5633847402041092183_o (1)

Kate and Mim Mim

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The run up to Christmas was a busy time with lots of orders and craft fairs, so it’s been a little while since I posted some pictures of my handiwork. I was asked to make this little fella by a friend of mine. Now my children are all grown up so I had no idea who Kate and Mim Mim are but thanks to good old google there were countless pictures online for me to take inspiration. All the while I was making Mim Mim I was questioning how good it was going to look, as, until the parts were all fitted together, I must admit it didn’t look great and I thought I had lost my touch. But as you can see once he was sewn together the finished piece is super dooper cute. I was absolutely over the moon as was the recipient – so over the moon was she that she couldn’t wait for her brother’s birthday to give it to him, it was an instant gift.16388966_10211845011099107_2106556755_o

Cinderella – a topsy turvy crochet doll

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Not posted for a while.  I recently saw a pattern for a cinderella topsy turvy doll, so being one to not shy away from a challenge I took the plunge and gave it a go.  To be honest it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be – granted it could do with a couple of very minor tweeks next time I make one but overall I was really pleased with the end result.  I also think that now I know how to make the basic pattern with some little adjustments I think I could create other characters.

My attempt at organisation


A while ago someone asked how I organised my craft stash. I have many containers, baskets, boxes and jars in an attempt to find some calm to the craft chaos!!! My stuff is always on the move but as I collect more and more containers I’m sure it will eventually become organised – or maybe it will always be a working progress, or maybe I just enjoy getting everything out, looking through it and putting it back – and calling it re-organising!!!!

Card Making at The Range


Today I have spent most of the day at The Range where they had a card making demonstration on.

I turned up not really knowing what to expect but thinking I was going to be making a card. Instead we watched the demonstrator make a card and we were able to ask questions – which I definitely did. In fact I think after 3 hours the demonstrator would’ve been glad to see the back of me and all my questions!!! Even though I didn’t make a card I felt I learnt a huge amount and was given loads of great tips, not just from the demonstrator but by the other people watching.

Unpicking Curtains to make MORE curtains


I started my day by having another sort out of my craft stash.  I don’t know how it happens but I just can’t seem to keep it organised.  I think I need to collect more boxes and create a better system – now that’s what I call a future project!!!

This evening I have been unpicking a pair of curtains so I can reconstruct smaller curtains for a cupboard belonging to my daughter that has no doors.

And that my friends was my day today – apart from the obligatory housework and cooking Sunday lunch.