Not much going on on the craft front


Don’t have much to say today but I made a deal with myself at the beginning of the year that I would write on my blog every day if I could.

Today I’ve been at work and then decided to treat the family to a gorgeous tea out.

Feeling extremely stuffed on lasagne and chunky chips (and I mean very chunky!!) followed by mandarin cheesecake I have started to make another mini lamb for my goddaughter.


Two powerful sentences..


When I’m having a lazy day when I can’t seem to motivate myself I’m going to use these phrases



These two four word sentences are so powerful ones that whenever you feel low , depressed, lost interest in everything , unable to complete a difficult task then just recite these sentences in your mind for few minutes..You will be filled with positive thoughts for sure.. Will be motivated to do your work n complete it with more confidence .. Nothing is impossible in this world , it’s just how you deal with it matters..if u want to achieve it no matter what ever obstacles comes on your will find ways to achieve it. I came across these two sentences around 8 yrs back ,when I was going to personality development course. Found them very motivating.. So thought to share them with you all as it may be useful to u during your weak times…
Just write them on paper n…

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Knitted Squares


I am continuing to knit my squares for my patchwork blanket. I have done one just knitting. I’ve done a couple which are knit one row and purl one row and also done one which is knit one, purl one. I have discovered on the demores website lots of instructions for various stitches so I’m going to try a couple out – use my squares to teach myself new techniques

Chihuahua Update


Not a lot to blog about today.  Still plodding on with Chihuahua – an hour each day doesn’t really get a lot done.  Only got 3 more legs and a tail to do and then I’ll make him his little hat, dog basket and blanket.  Hopefully I’ll have him sorted by the time the weekends up.