My first real attempt at paper cutting

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I made this card for a friends engagement.  And it was my first attempt at paper cutting.  I chose a fairly simple heart pattern and a not so simple Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Two things I’ve learnt – 1. Stick to simple designs and 2. Reverse the design to any ink and pencil lines are on the back.

Anyone else who enjoys paper cutting I would hugely appreciate any other tips.


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Gift Bags

craft, gift bag, homemade, papercraft, valentines day

The gift bag I made yesterday was a lovely little thing but it did take quite a lot of time measuring and folding. Because I needed to make five bags I decided to go for the easier paper option. I used brown paper and painted hearts on the ones for the hubster and my kids and painted white dots on for others. I filled them with little packets of sweets. I’m not a massive advocate of valentines day as I feel its forced romance and way to commercialised nowadays. But I do like to give the people in my life who I love dearly a little something to say they’re special to me x

A practice gift bag

craft, gift bag, homemade, papercraft, valentines day

I have bought some little bags of chocolate for the hubster and the kids for valentines day and to make them a bit more special I thought I’d make my own little gift bags. Hello trusty pinterest!!! I found a couple of options but last night I decided to give this one a go. I made it out of old card and I think its quite cute. Obviously the real thing will be decorated and I was thinking of trying it out of brown paper, possibly sponging some hearts on. Here’s the “prototype” – I’ll post the real thing when I complete.

Homemade Valentines Card

card making, craft, homemade, papercraft, valentines day

In my current addition of the Craftseller magazine, I came across this simple but gorgeous valentines card which I decided to make for the hubster. In the mag they used brown card but considering I had no brown I just used green. My scissor cutting isn’t the best in the world so I think I’ll have to claim my craft knives back from my daughter. But I think I’ve not done a bad job. The hearts and valentine banner were on the free paper in the magazine. All I need to do is make an envelope now 😀