A few makes of the card variety

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Just thought I’d share a few makes with you.

First of all a card for my brother in law.  It’s a family joke that he resembles Al from Toy Story 2 (Al’s Toy Barn) so it was this was a bit of a no-brainer.   Not as complicated as it looks really and it went down a storm.


Next International Friendship Day – 30th July was International Friendship Day so I want to show my friends how much I appreciated them by sending a card.  Again another simple make which I saw in a magazine but they much greatly received.


A got a some freebie papers and toppers on a magazine so I created this gorgeous card for my niece.  At first I wasn’t sure who I was going to send it too but my son picked it out of the box so I added “Happy Birthday” and “Cousin” and it was good to go.


Not sure if I’ve posted this one before (sorry if I have). This was for my hubby from my son – bit of a rushed job while the hubster was out walking the dog.


And lastly, a gorgeous birthday card for a 3 year old Peppa Pig fan – it speaks for itself really.



An Explosion Card for a Wedding

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A friend of mine mentioned during tea and cake one Saturday morning that she was having trouble finding a card for her brothers wedding, which was a same-sex marriage.  She said she could only find one in the card shop which was going to cost £8.  At that point I told her not to bother and I would make her one – if it was so hard to find a card then chance were most people at the wedding would be giving her brother the same cards.

At least a home made card would be unique and nobody would have the same card.  So I set to work – she told me she would like silver, tuxedoes, wedding rings and champagne glasses included.

All the things she wanted were included but to make it a little more personalised I added the grooms’ names and also the date of the wedding.

I think it’s something they are going to cherish forever – and it is definitely a one-off.

WP_001409 WP_001411 WP_001412

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My first real attempt at paper cutting

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I made this card for a friends engagement.  And it was my first attempt at paper cutting.  I chose a fairly simple heart pattern and a not so simple Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Two things I’ve learnt – 1. Stick to simple designs and 2. Reverse the design to any ink and pencil lines are on the back.

Anyone else who enjoys paper cutting I would hugely appreciate any other tips.


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My first order

Amigurumi, craft, crochet, handmade, homemade, Shaun the Sheep

With the launch of my facebook page I received an order for a Lambikins and Shaun the Sheep.

My original Shaun the Sheep has stick on felt eyes and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to a child so I wanted to used either safety eyes or sew-on eyes.

After reading a tip on somebodies blog about making a larger amigurumi by using doubled-up yarn and a larger hook I decided to give it a go.

The end result was almost twice the size of the original Shaun and I was able to crochet some eyes with a small hook and sew them on.

Here he is:-


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An Anniversary Card

anniversary, card making, craft, handmade, homemade, papercraft

My daughter and her boyfriend have been together to a year and I wanted to make the occassion special for them so I made this simple but, I think, effective little card to mark the event.

I used some textured card which I had bought very cheaply (89p for 8 A4 sheets) from Home Bargains – amazingly thick and good quality considering the price, definitely a bargain.

I was intending on printing some heart paper off but my printer has decided it’s not printing properly (a problem that needs rectifying as I use my printer an awful lot now I’m into this card making malarchy 🙂 ).  So instead I rummaged through my stash and came across some pretty pink paper which I think works equally well.

The tricky part was cutting out the heart shapes with a craft knife – if anyone has any tips on how to effectively cut curves and circles with a craft knife if would be much appreciated.

Here’s the finished piece.


I think my next mission will be to learn calligraphy as I think it will add an extra special finished to some of my cards.  But I’m a lefty so I know it’s not going to be an easy task.