The Quilt – It’s finally finished

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After spending pretty much all day on the quilt, I’m pleased to say its finally finished. It’s not without mistakes and flaws but my theme for my kitchen is “Quaint and Quirky” and its definitely that. I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way such as take more time for meticulous measuring and sew from the middle down, turn and do the other half instead of sewing top to bottom in one straight line. I love this quilt and I can certainly say I’ll probably make another in the future but I will not be making the same mistakes again – quilting takes patience and time and next time I’ll build on these skills.

A patchwork bag Cath Kidston style

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Not sure how this little 2014 slipped out of the radar as I use it every day!!! Last Christmas (2013) my kids, knowing I wanted to make something patchwork as my New Years Resolution, bought me the Cath Kidston book Patch which had a free kit attached to make this bag (or it could’ve been made into a cushion cover). It was so easy to make and apart from the seams on the bag was all sewn by hand. I love it and I’m hoping to make more of the projects from the book.

I’m off on a short break to a lovely Northumberland hill farm tomorrow – I will try and blog every day and keep you up to date with my antics but the phone signal is very poor so if I don’t see you guys before I’ll be back blogging on Tuesday ūüėÄ

Work on my New Years Resolution has begun

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This new year I set myself a goal of making a patchwork quilt. Once again I scoured through my stash of magazines (did I mention I have a magazine addiction!!!) and I came across a, what seems a fairly easy, design called Disappearing Four Patch. So today I made a started – I’m pleased to say my 64 squares are now cut and ready to sew. Obviously the colours are not exactly the same but in true patchwork style I’ve used material I had in my stash. Apart from the cream for which I bought a double sheet for the bargain price of ¬£4.99 – I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to buy off the roll for that price!

The Tunic Is Complete

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Yes… heard me right…..the tunic is now complete. What I thought would be an easy project turned out to be anything but and needless to say the end result didn’t impress me.

The fabric was awful to work with – it kept fraying, fraid ends were getting caught in the sewing machine, material kept sliding and subsequently sewn to parts they shouldn’t have been sewn to. Just a right chew on really. The neck line with the tie was so fiddly to complete I almost gave it up as a bad job. But I’m a stubborn girl so carried on regardless. Like always I’ll always post pictures of my creations – good or bad – so here you go ūüôā

Work on the Elusive Tunic has finally started

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Yes, you heard it here first. ¬†I have finally made a start on the tunic that was planned for last year but got side-tracked due to my son’s pokemon obsession.

This was as far as I’d gotten last time and this is how it has stayed for the last 5 months (at least!!!)


Today, having a day off work, I took the bull by the horns and was determined to make some progress.  And this my friends is the progress I made.


Now I can either leave the pieces like this for another 5 months (hopefully not) or I can continue to make further progress at the weekend and keep you guys posted.

Sorry – No Craft’s today :(

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No crafting or crochet for me today!!! ¬†Took my son to the orthodontist, spent 15 minutes trying to get in the hospital car park. ¬†Saw the orthodontist only to be sent to the X-Ray department for x-rays of his teeth (he’s being assessed for braces by the way). ¬†Spent 25 minutes waiting for x-rays so decided to ask (politely I add) the receptionist if she had an idea of how long we would be waiting only to be told…………wait for it cause this is good……………”we hadn’t been booked in!” ¬†Well that wasn’t the response I expected. ¬†Think she saw the look of horror on my face as her next line was “I’m busy”. ¬†“But I’ve been waiting 25 minutes” was my reply. ¬†And hers, and this is another corker “Well I haven’t just been sat here doing nothing”. ¬†At that point my jaw hit the floor and I was rendered speechless. ¬†She then gave our slip plus a pile of others which she hadn’t booked in either to one of the health care assistants for them to book in.

When we had finally finished it took us 40 minutes just to get out of the car park.  And we have to do it all over again in 9 months time Рwoooo flipping hooo.

Hence I have not had time to do any crafting today.  I did make one ear for my chihuahua last night.

So for today I will share one of my 2014 makes.  I went to a craft class and made a Christmas stocking.  They were so easy to make that I made two like the one below for my daughter and her boyfriend for her first Christmas in her new house.


My Sewing Project is Thworted by more Pokemon!!!!

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Many moons ago (think I’m going back a few years!!!) I found a sewing pattern for a lovely tunic which I fancied having a crack at. ¬†I bought the material – a lovely red satin type. ¬†Then life got in the way, the material and pattern migrated to the loft and bye, bye tunic.

Last year, however, we were forced to sort out the dumping ground that we called a loft so we could have it re-insulated and I came across the lovely material and pattern for my tunic – and I still love it, it’s obviously a classic design that doesn’t date.

Yes, I thought, I’m going to make this. ¬†Material ironed all lovely and neat, pattern pieces cut ready to go. ¬†Then my son comes home from his Pokemon club telling me they are having a “CosPlay” event (they play Pokemon cards in costumes for those who didn’t know what it was – neither did I till last year!!!) and he wants a costume, preferably Harley (a Pokemon trainer I think). ¬†Well have you tried getting a pokemon fancy dress costume online – I wasn’t going to pay ¬£75 for one so I thought “I can make that” :). ¬†I found a pattern for some trousers which I tweaked a bit and I also used parts of the pattern for my elusive tunic to create a jacket. ¬†I was quite pleased with the finished articles, considering my lack of dress making skills. ¬†Only problem was he never actually got to go as he was ill – blooming typical.

Anyway here’s the finished product for you all to admire. ¬†And this weekend I am going to attempt to make a start on my tunic – here’s hoping ūüėÄ


Enough of Crochet – Time for something new!

Sewing, Tissue Box Cover

Booooo Рback at work today.  I was going to blog during my lunch but never got round to it!

While I decide what my next project is going to be I will carry on with my 2014 crafting journey. ¬†Here’s the next instalment:-

Having crocheted my little hands off I decided it was time to explore a new avenue. So I dusted down the sewing machine and bought myself a new book which would, hopefully, utilise all the scraps of material I had been gathering – ¬†Half Yard Heaven was screaming out to me from the pages of Amazon. ¬†A couple of days later it dropped onto my door mat and my new craft project could begin – but what to choose? ¬†With such a fantastic array of simple projects to make with very little in terms of haberdashery I decided on the simplest thing I could find – a tissue box cover. ¬†A very simple project which makes a dull box of tissues look fantastic – the trickiest bit was making some bias binding as, amazingly, I didn’t have any in my box of crafting tricks. ¬†I was pleased as punch with my latest make.