My first order

Amigurumi, craft, crochet, handmade, homemade, Shaun the Sheep

With the launch of my facebook page I received an order for a Lambikins and Shaun the Sheep.

My original Shaun the Sheep has stick on felt eyes and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to a child so I wanted to used either safety eyes or sew-on eyes.

After reading a tip on somebodies blog about making a larger amigurumi by using doubled-up yarn and a larger hook I decided to give it a go.

The end result was almost twice the size of the original Shaun and I was able to crochet some eyes with a small hook and sew them on.

Here he is:-


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Shaun The Sheep

Amigurumi, crochet, homemade

Feeling the need to crochet again I scoured my magazines for something to make. That’s when I came across this little fella. He was supposed to be made out of alpaca wool so he was more fluffy but I use normal wool for two reasons a) I didn’t have any (not in the right color anyway) and b) I’ve worked with alpaca wool before and its tricky. So normal white wool it was. I got the pattern from Simply Crochet magazine. The finished article was smaller than I imagined and fiddly but he turned out quite well I thought