Simply Knitting

knitting, patchwork

Browsing around in the supermarket I spotted the Simply Knitting magazine. Now I’ve bought quite a few of the Simply Crochet issues, really enjoy them and I think I’ve made something from each issue I’ve bought. So I thought I’d give the knitting one a bash, after all there was some free 10mm needles on the front. The problem with having a gift on the front is you can’t browse the mag to see what’s inside – and the fact is there was bott all inside, well nothing I’d wanna make anyway!!! So that was a waste of £4.99!!! Suppose I got the free needles – technically they cost me £4.99 and the mag was free cause I doubt if I’ll use it.

On a better note I have completed my first square for my blanket. Was bigger than i anticipated and I ran out of white wool so i finished it off with a red stripe – don’t think it’ll matter too much as its gonna be a patchwork blanket 😀

A patchwork blanket of the knitted variety

knitting, patchwork

Not sure if anyone out there has seen the DFS advert with that gorgeous patchwork sofa. Well I’m in love with that sofa and so very much want it for my dining room. But alas, even in the sale, its out of my price bracket. So I have decided to knit myself a patchwork blanket/throw for a cheaper sofa in the hope it’ll make it a bit more quirky.

Now I’m not the best of knitters, my knowledge and skill are pretty basic. So my first square is pretty much the most basic of all – think its called garter stich – anyway its knit, knit, knit.

I will be watching plenty of YouTube videos in the coming weeks to expand my skills.

My first square has been started and here’s how it looks 🙂